Google Advertising

Google advertising holds a key place in the world of digital marketing. This type of internet advertising allows businesses to instantly reach an interested target audience, increasing their visibility, traffic and conversions.


Google advertising is a profitable marketing solution due to the Pay-Per-Click method – pay per click (result) only.


Google’s advertising platforms allow for extremely precise and specific targeting of your audience.


Google Ads will generate fast results as they reach users immediately after activation.

What will we do for your business?

Developing an advertising strategy

Any internet advertising requires a well-structured strategy that includes all the basic actions.

Creation of promotional materials

Creation of promotional materials (website pages, images, videos) in a suitable format for Google advertising.

Campaign monitoring

Once a Google ad has been activated, its performance on the search engine must be monitored and analysed.

Optimization of materials

A Google ad campaign needs to be optimised and updated at certain intervals as advertorials can run out of stock.

Analysis of results

After the end of the Google ad, a thorough analysis is made of the results obtained and their correlation with the advertising budget spent.

Types of Google Advertising

Google offers a variety of ways to advertise your business. Each website can advertise in the top spots on the results page, in local results, in emails and through visual content (images and video).

Search advertising
Display advertising
Remarketing advertising
Local advertising
Gmail advertising
Video advertising

Our customers

Why choose us for Google advertising?

Properly crafted Google advertising can bring a host of benefits and guarantees to a business, introducing it to new customers, increasing sales and revenue. SS STUDIO offers its clients customized Google ads for every business.

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Measurable results
Satisfied customers
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